Scio Rural Fire Protection District
Scio Fire Station 91
Rules for Station Facility Use

  1. No one is permitted in the engine bay area of the station.  All parking is to be in designated areas only.  Any vehicle blocking bay or office doors will be towed at the applicant’s cost.
  2. At all times, the use of space is subject to the immediate needs of the District and, in the case of emergency, the event may be terminated and non-essential personnel directed to leave.  In the event of an alarm during an event, all people involved with the event will stay indoors and await direction from District staff. 
  3. Alcohol, controlled substances, and tobacco products are prohibited.
  4. Use of the facility is limited to a maximum occupancy of 54 people with tables and chairs, 116 people chairs only.
  5. Minors must be under adult supervision at all times.
  6. The facilities may only be used by non-profit and civic organizations.
  7. The facilities may only be used for non-commercial use.  The facilities are not to be used for profit-motivated or partisan political activities.
  8. No person shall be subject to discrimination in the use of the facilities on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, age, ancestry, religion, marital status, or disability.
  9. Applicant and the organization fully and unconditionally waive their individual and collective rights to recover from the District and its officers, employees, agents and volunteers, any loss, damages, restitution, or compensation arising out of this application or out of the use of the District’s facilities associated with this application.  The District and its officers, employees, agents and volunteers shall in no event be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by applicant or the organization, or their agents employees, invitees or licensees for any reason whatsoever.  Such waiver includes, without limitation, waiver of liability for death, personal injury, theft, damage to motor vehicles, loss of property and consequential damages.
  10. The District reserves the right to control the use of its facility.  All scheduled uses are subject to change, including cancellation, by the District.  The District reserves the right of immediate access to all areas of the facility at all times and is not responsible for any inability to use scheduled areas resulting from any cause.  The District reserves the right to terminate any usage at any time and without prior notice if the use constitutes a nuisance, criminal conduct, or interferes with the District’s use of the facility.
  11. The Scheduling Party is responsible to leave the facility in the same condition as prior to their event, including, cleanup, replacing furniture, etc.  Failure to do so may result in having to pay the District a cleaning fee commensurate to the extent of cleanup required.  Any unusual damage requiring professional repair will be inspected by the District, repaired under District supervision and may incur a charge to the Scheduling Party at a reasonable rate as determined by the District.

Applicant is authorized to act on behalf of the organization and submits this application as an authorized agent of the organization.

A $75.00 (refundable) cleaning deposit is required.

The Scheduling Party accepts all liability for damage to the equipment and facility as a result of their event, and may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance.

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