To be a firefighter with Scio Fire District you must be at least 18 years of age. 
What if you are just a little bit younger and still want to serve your community? 

There is a program in place for you! 

The cadet program is for people who want to volunteer and are 16 to 18 years of age and in High School. 
The cadets are members of the department and authorized to go on most of the emergency calls. 

  1. But what are the differences between a firefighter and a cadet firefighter? 
  2. A cadet firefighter is not authorized to go on calls to support our neighbors (called mutual aid).  A cadet firefighter is not allowed to go into a burning building, other hazardous scenario, or use power equipment. 
  3. So what can a cadet do? 
    A cadet can go on medical calls and even get a level of emergency medical training called Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). A cadet can go on fire calls in our district and help with the many tasks that occur outside of the "hot zone" including taking care of other firefighters. A cadet can come train as a regular firefighter.
  4. So what are the requirements of being a cadet, aside from age? 
    First off you must pass a background check.  You must be eligible to participate in the school’s extracurricular activities (keeping a “C” average) education is first and fore most.  You must be of a strong moral and ethical character, and of course you have parental promission. You must be able to drill on Monday night at 7pm (see the calendar) and have time for special training times set aside for cadets. 

Please feel free to stop by during drill or stop by Scio Main Station 91 during business hours. Monday – Friday from 9 – 5 to discuss the program further. Or you can email the cadet program leader at

Fire Cadet Class
2012-2013 Fire Cadet Class

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2013-2014 Fire Cadet Class

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2014-2015 Fire Cadet Class

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